My name is Annick and I am Belgian. I love to travel, but I don’t like beer, bottled fruit juices or soft drinks.


In 2016 I cycled from Brussels to Lucca alone. Driving through Italy and Tuscany and seeing so much unharvested fruit, I had only one desire: to find a natural drink that would strengthen my physical and mental energy.


Commercial soft drinks, energy drinks, and fruit juices are too high in sugar and contain a lot of additives. Most of the time they are pasteurized or pascalized in a way that and does not help to increase vitality.

Bubbly rose was born from this desire to drink something pleasant and healthy, alone or in company when a glass of pure water is just not enough.

Over the course of the kilometers, the idea of ​​creating a fruit-based sparkling wine materialized.

To create a drink that increases vitality, I had to find a different way to produce and store it.

I discovered that controlled fermentation is the oldest and most modern method of preservation and the one that consumes the least energy.

Fermentation, in fact, better than any other method of preservation, preserves the nutritional and organic qualities of food and drinks.

So I started my research and many experiments in my kitchen in Marta, on Lake Bolsena and in the laboratory of the University of Viterbo with fruits such as melon, apple, kiwi, blackberry to get there to the magic of grapes.

Thanks to David Volterrani from San Miniato who provided us with his facilities and know-how we developed a new method to produce a natural sparkling drink with a very low alcohol content, without the use of synthetic preservatives, without resorting to stabilization or conservation that consume energy and without introducing new plants that impact the environment and landscape.

Bubbly rose was born from these three years of research and is constantly evolving to offer you the most authentic flavour of freshly squeezed grapes. Annick is 100% natural, sparkling, thirst-quenching, both sweet and slightly acidic.

Bubbly rose is an almost alcohol-free grape drink and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. I’m Annick, I thank nature and all those who helped me create this drink that quenches body and mind.