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100% natural


A single ingredient
Only organic italian grapes grown in harmony with nature and picked at the point of ripeness. No sugar, additives or preservatives added

100% alive

100% ALIVE Our grapes are not subjected to any treatment, they are raw and alive. Keep Bubbly rosé at cellar temperature and bring it to 3 ° C before tasting. After opening, you can keep Bubbly rosé for 3 days in the fridge ... If you manage not to drink it all!

100% naturAl

Sua Maesta organic grapes are grown according to traditional methods, then pressed, clarrified and fermented before being bottled. Sua Measta grapes are unpasturised an unpascalized and do not contain additives or preservatives

100% energy, 1,5% alcohol

Only natural sugars and grape antioxidants to empower your body and mind. A hint of alcohol to give pleasure and a touch of madness without losing your mind !



My name’s Annick, a traveller of Belgian origin who doesn’t like beer (as you might think), fizzy drinks and fruit juices.

In 2016 I travelled from Brussels to Lucca, alone by bicycle. Crossing Europe from Belgium to Italy I had only one desire: to stop in a bar to savour a natural drink capable of giving me both physical and mental energy and that would not harm my health.

Pedaling for so many kilometers, this desire gave shape to the idea of ​​creating a must with a low alcohol content.

For it to be truly vital, I had to find a method of processing and conservation avoiding the use of commonly used modern practices. I realised that controlled fermentation was the most sustainable, ancient and available method to enhance the nutritional characteristics and taste pleasure.

The best way to preserve the nutritional and organic properties of the raw material has always been fermentation, both of food and drinks, so I started by running countless tests in my kitchen in Marta. In collaboration with the University of Viterbo, we developed a new method of processing grape must: with a very low alcohol content, without the use of synthetic preservatives.

By using fermentation and the cold to stabilize Bubbly rosé we avoid wasting energy.

By not using pasteurization, we maintain the taste and nutritional properties of grapes.

Bubbly rose was born from 3 years of research and is still evolving to offer the most authentic flavour of freshly squeezed, lightly fermented and naturally sparkling grapes.

100% natural, bubbly, thirst-quenching and tasty, with a sweet but very fresh aftertaste.

Bubbly rose can be enjoyed at any time of the day because it is the first grape that does not taste of alcohol.

I am Annick, I thank nature and all those who have helped me to realize the desire for an innovative drink that awakens the body and the spirit